Sunday, August 12, 2007

Well, We'll Always Have Street Corners

I have to say that last night was truly wonderful, in several ways. Apart from all the better late than never was, I haven't ever felt so in the moment. Nothing has felt that real since it was good with Eli. Zach is great, and we have decided that we are a great tragedy, because he is leaving. But he has to go, and while so much of me does not want him to go, there is a part that says it is okay, that he'll be back, and even if he isn't, we had one night, one perfect warm summer night. It was so so wonderful. We saw the staged reading of Single White Female at the Neo-Futurarium and then went to the Golden Nugget for some foods. After eating we returned to the Neo-Futurarium for some good old fashioned Too Much Light and we both got T-Shirts and he helped pay for mine, and wouldn't let me pay him back, even when I tried to pull a Chris Johnson. But after that he drove me home, and right there on the corner, when he dropped me off, and got out to hug me, we kissed. Then I suggested we go into my house and watch a movie or something, and we sat on the couch and watched 2001 Maniacs, we debated on whether or not it was porn, which it IS NOT! Regardless, my heart was racing and I was calm and I felt so happy. Better late than never.

Too Much Light: Incredible. Mary kissed my cheek during Crazy Bitch, and I had the heart swell. There are so many things more worthy of a kiss. I can't not smile when I say, or write, or think about that.

I really like the slow moving. I really liked feeling like a freshman again. Knowing that the only thing to come was infinite kisses. The only real downside was the horrific lack of sleep I have been getting. It was almost painful. But so many good things can really make up for that. Plus I have the day off tomorrow and Tuesday. SLEEP! Yes. Anyway.

I feel like I am walking on clouds.


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