Thursday, August 9, 2007

SO embaressing...

so, i was on the train, minding my own business talking to Zoe; cut to me at work, i am talking to my boss, and she tells me that she had heard some gossip, from someone who saw me on the train, and heard me talking.

Then after my shift (which magically flew by!) Jessy tells me just what my boss knows. And I turn bright red. Because what she knows, is something I wouldn't really care to know about anyone! So. That was weird. But I had a good day. I biked to Eli's in pouring rain, getting there soaked. All of the little blond cookie cutter clones were there, each of them with about as much personality as a sock, and I felt bad, because I was very dismissive of all of them, but they were the same about me. I hate the girls he is surrounding himself with. They are the kind of girls that made my life hell since I was little. The girls that all look the same, that are all conventionally pretty, blond with tanned skin, so it doesn't even matter what their faces look like, they wear the same clothes, they smile really big to your face but as soon as they've turned around they make these awful faces, and cut you to the bone.

I hate those girls.. Why do boys like those girls? Why does Eli, who liked me, like them? Was I an anomaly? Or did I make him swear off girls that are even remotely classy?

That has been on my mind. And it makes me so upset. I think I work with one of these girls. But I suppose she is sweet.

I think maybe I am too judgemental. Too cruel. But aren't they?

I have been listening to This American Life. I love it. I love listening to stories.

I am going to get a tattoo tomorrow. I think. Maybe me an No will get a tattoo.



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