Friday, August 24, 2007

It turns out, that boredom leads to MAKEOVERS!

so i got all jazzed up and took glamour shots. It was great. I listened to chick rock and was gorgeous. I loved it. I am still loving it. I am so done with Trent and David, and how dismissive they are of me. Perhaps I expect too much. I am beginning to expect nothing. They can both shove it. There is no more decency. Especially on the part of MANkind. I would like to get to know this Joe character, though. Too many boys.

Not enough... Something else.

Well. I am going to go out on a limb tomorrow, and ask Joe if he would like to go to Too Much Light. It should be interesting. I am nervous already. I am sure I will be cool tomorrow though, I like to pretend I am a reallly cool chick when I am around him. I am good at it too. Minus today. Today was emberassing on too many levels to name. Plus I got soaking wet. Awesome.



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