Monday, April 20, 2009

So, We Meet Again & Other Happy Stories

At 12 or so, I was in some way or another introduced to the Weetzie Bat books. I loved them. I read them all, and I knew the characters and stories well. I loved them, Weetzie, and Dirk and Duck. I loved My Secret Agent Lover Man, and I think it would be entirely worthwhile to read them again, because what I recall of them, he is like John, in some ways, brooding and more quiet, a compliment to my colorful wild.

In any case, characters in books, especially in series books, become like friends. You become invested in their lives, and it feels good to know their story, that they're well.

A while back I bought a new book, by the same author. Notsomuch YAFiction, but a continuation of Weetzie's story, in the new book she is 40, after having been twenty or thirty and at some point the series shifting to her daughter(s).

I loved Witch Baby. I love their silly names and the beautiful purple and blue soft focus, covered in glitter, half fairy tale. I can't describe it.

I keep two pages from the book in my wallet.

Other happy story?

I saw a girl get, "The best phone call of her life" on the train today. She looked radiant and was giddy and bouncing, and tears were welling in her eyes.

One more: The rain felt good tonight.

Tomorrow: 17 Again, because for some reason, it's the only movie I want to see right now.

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emma said...

hi corey,
just wanted to say that weetzie bat is one of my favorite books, and when i discovered that one i totally devoured the whole series (even, a few years later, the relatively new one where weetzie is 40). they're definetly worth a re-read. you start to see qualites of the charactes in people you love and it makes you love them even more.
rainy monday,