Sunday, April 5, 2009


It was amazing. It was truly, beyond great. I had a good day at work, it was busy, and I got lousy tips, but I had a blast. I then got to go to Chipotle, with John, and we got mm mm tacos. I have dreams about them.

I left my bike my the Chipotle, and now the weather is HORRIFIC. All the worst parts of rain and snow, cold slush falling from the sky. I need to pick it up tomorrow. I hope she's still there. I don't think anyone would steal a bike like Sheila.

In any case, Too Much Light last night was pretty good, not the best I'd seen. I still love Megan's suitcase play, and it's great to see Mary again.

Today, the weather turned into bullshit, and I almost didn't make it to work on time. John leaves for California on Wednesday, and I am working like a madman all week. My feets hurt already.

Now I am ready to curl up and sleep with my kitty babies.

First, some crosswords.

Good show.

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