Thursday, April 2, 2009

For Serious, Guys.

There is something REALLY wrong, really, very wrong, with me. The trouble, you see, is that there are new bus ads, the the sides of the buses, that are all LED lit, and very VERY bright. The trouble begins, for me, personally, when the bus is driving by, and a very bright blue light shines in through the store's front window, and my first instinct?




Not even a joke. There were customers in the store, and all of a sudden there's a blue light, and I am down on my knees behind the counter, thinking, "Holy shit! Aliens! I am going to die!" I began to think that I might have seen things, so I peek over the counter and see Mary Poppins, complete with umbrella and carpet bag, on the side of the bus, in the light. It was beyond embarrassing.

In other news, either here, or on YouTube, or on my other blog, (which is more or less also about my days, only... from the perspective of me after I experienced something that might have killed me. It's an odd little writing project I am doing. So, no matter what I write, I will always put a link to it here. Cool? Yes? Maybe?

A lot of the people I watch on youtube are doing the BEDA/VEDA business, and while I assumed they'd be Vlogging, I was inspired by Haley G. Hoover to do write. I love to write, and sometimes I feel like I only ought to write is I have something to say, so maybe I will find I have more to say than I thought. Cool?



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