Sunday, April 12, 2009

New plays

Jay Torrence has a new play in Too Much Light that took my breath away. The spoken part was gorgeous, and heartbreaking, and then when he tips the ladder and falls, there is just a stillness and quiet in the theater, and my hear is broken in half. It is a beautiful image.

The funny plays were funny, too, but Jay's play was like the quiet sympathy you have for a friend who just got dumped by a long term S.O. It's surprise and fear.

I have been talking to John's sister, Jeannie a lot, lately. I like her so much. I am excited to go with her and Levi and John to see the Pirate exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry.

John comes back from LA on Monday, after having Easter with Dino. That should be... interesting at worst, exciting and terrifying at best.

My anchor is having trouble again.

I just typed out "Play." for no reason.


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