Monday, April 13, 2009


Easter was anti-climactic. It could have been tons worse. Not the church goin' type, my family stayed in and cooked. When it came time to eat we did say a prayer, and reflected upon how truly lucky we are to have what we had. And maybe it was just ham, and mashed potatoes, and asparagus and tiny little cup cakes, but it could be nothing. It reminded me of Eliza's play at too much light, that life is like the Grand Stop on the red line, always late and under construction.

I love my city. I love Chicago. I got to take a little walk after lunch, before I had to go to the theater for the show tonight, and I took a good long look at the purple house with the green and gold trim, the one where Billy Corgan used to live, but had some fire on the inside in the last few weeks, causing the windows to be boarded up. I thought about the walls you could see from the outside, through the windows, and how they had been completely obscured by pictures in frames. That's how I want my house to be someday.

The show was pretty great, too. Megan gave me all the old clothes from the suitcase she found, and I am going to wash them tomorrow. I assessed their size, and a lot of them will be too big, or too awkward, but there's this beautiful white dress with a green pattern that will fit me just fine, and two of the dresses are perfect smock cut/size. They probably were smocks for the little old lady to whom they once belonged.

John gets back from LA tomorrow, and then we get to watch the Doctor Who Easter Special.

I missed him something fierce, and he missed me, which made me feel good, because he has expressed that he might not miss me during the times he is away. He is a weird guy that way.

I finally figured out the last line to the chorus of the song I have been trying to write, so maybe that will get done soon.

All in all, not a bad day, but I have a lot to look forward to.

I met a coder for YouTube at the show tonight, and told him that I am an avid watcher or YouTubers, and that I was not pleased with the supposed layout change, relegating user content to the background, and he told me it probably wasn't going to happen, anyway. So, here's to hoping.

My foot just fell asleep. I ought to take a hint.

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