Thursday, September 6, 2007


I missed you, computer, you poor dear. I know I have been ignoring you. My poor blog, all my other stuff. I have a lot to say, but little-to-no time to say it in. There are so many new great things in my life, and I am so happy to have them all. Mostly my new friends.

Cast of Characters:

Dave - We work together, he has a great sense of humor, is very tall. When we are walking, or I am walking and he is biking, we have some pretty good talks.
Jeremy - Probably who I get along with the best at this point, he is an artist, like me, and we talk about public art, and other things. We actually have some of the best talks I have had with anyone in a while. He is a bike fiend, and the artist part really gets me excited for all the cool stuff we can do.
Boy - Also known as Michael, we have decided to go by Boy and Girl toward each other. He likes the pumpkins, and if you know me, that should really be enough said. But apart from that he has incredibly intriguing mannerisms.
Emily - Apart from being Jeremy's girlfriend, she is a fellow redhead. Of everyone, I have probably been around her the least, but she is extra sweet with a side of cool, and it's wonderful to have a lady around.

Things I love about my new friends?

1. They are all substance free. We get our kicks in other ways, like enjoying each other's company and playing games, cooking, its amazing.
2. They all have a really cool taste in music, in some cases, it varies from my own, but I haven't heard anything play that I don't like. Of course I like Boy's taste in music the most, him being a Pumpkin's fan and all, but yeah.
3. They all are interesting, in different ways. Jeremy's interest in art has been really inspiring for me to be around.
4. We have really good talks, probably Jeremy and I have the most, but I have had some cool talks with Dave and Boy, too.
5. They live so so close to me. That is one of my favorite things, because I like being able to walk anywhere. Half a block away is mucho convenient.
6. They never kick me out. Which is why I have been missing you so much, laptop.

So, there is more, I am sure of it, but whatever. I am lazy.

Well. Time for Fools.


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