Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Long Night

To be perfectly honest, I don't exactly remember how it began. I remember that Jeremy and Emily wanted to watch Casino Royale, I had to pick up my bike, and that Dave and I wanted Dairy Queen. In any case, Dave and I ended up at Dairy Queen, and we got to ride our bikes through drunken Wrigleyville. There was pizza, and good times were had by most. We then decided our next stop should be the beach. Which was by far, one of the most fun times I have had this summer. We kicked the waves asses, and got soaked. We also found treasure. That was cool. After that we went to our respective homes and got clean and dry, then went to the golden apple. All in all, we were up until 7-ish and it was incredible. I had been wanting to do that all summer.

Tonight Dave and Sam and I went to Too Much Light. I wrote a lot of something else, but deleted it, because Sam is really cool, and I had a lot of fun. She is adorable, and tall. Tall.. I wish I were tall. Dave is TOO tall. But during True Confessions, which he knew what was coming, he looked like he was having a lot of fun. I hope Sam liked TML too.

Jeremy, I have discovered, is also quite pleasant. But I am still hung up on other things.

I feel like an idiot. I am tired, and melodramatic.

Song of the moment, Calender Girl, by Stars


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