Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Takin it back

I have tomorrow off, so I can caffinate myself all night and sleep alll day tomorrow.

Work this morning was wonderful, once I got going.

I got a 20 dollar tip from a regular who doesn't usually tip because I changed the Pandora station from James Taylor, which was playing a lot of Billy Joel, to Simon and garfunkel, which played no billy joel, thank goodness.

I am seeing my favorite band later, that played their first show at the Metro on the day I was born, june 24, 1989.

I got a good boyfriend.

I'm washing my favorite dress, and then my hair, and then getting some food, and then setting out for the night i have dreamed of forever, SP with a dreamy boy.

Also, fuck, my hair is getting long.

I have so much hair!

Also, I realized the extent to which Spenser looks like a Disney Prince, which is adorable.

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