Sunday, July 25, 2010

I don't even care that he smokes.

That's a lie.

I care a little.

But today I didn't care.

Taste of Lincoln Ave. weekend is one of the hardest weekends at work. It sucks. It's horrible. It's nothing but drunk people and everyone at work is really tense and stressed, especially me.

But after one of my longer shifts ever, he came over.

I was sitting in the living room, watching Food Network, and he asked me what my plans were for Tuesday night... uh, I don't know... None?

Then he asked if I wanted to see the Pumpkins at the Metro...

What? No way.

He said he was serious, and I did not believe him, and then he showed me the e-mail that said he won 2 tickets in the last minute raffle for Smashing Pumpkin's tickets at the Metro. He won. 2 tickets. Smashing Pumpkins. They have been my absolute favorite since I was 12. They were one of the first things he and I bonded over.

I shrieked for about 15 minutes. I couldn't believe it. This boy, this dreamboy was taking me to see my favorite band, on TUESDAY. My heart was pounding. Several tears were shed. I am still humming.

He is good to me, very good to me. And sometimes we fight, and we disagree and have misunderstandings, things that never happened with John. But being with John was easy because there was nothing at stake. Spenser is someone I want to keep.

Not just for the things he does for me, either, but because he is so appreciative of the things I do for him, and he acknowledges them, and me, consistently.

This is this morning. I was elated when I took this picture, and this was before my hard day, and before my tickets. This is just everything I ever wanted, asleep in my bed.

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