Saturday, May 23, 2009

soft soft

Long ago, when I was just a wee girl, and I just started speaking, I used to call lip balm of any kind, "soft". I think my long standing addiction to lip balm began there. I have lip balm either on my person, or within 10 feet of me, at all times.

Except for the week that I left it in the car when I got dropped off at camp. Awful.

Anyhow, I like rubbing my lips together and having them be smooth and soft. I like that a lot.

I also like Sid a lot. It goes beyond just regular crush to crush + friend-crush = a general excitement when I talk to her. I like that she knows about things I want to know about, and she has the same excitement that I do for art, probably more even, it's so inspiring to be around her. She's gorgeous, which doesn't hurt either. I could look at those big brown eyes alll day. Three L all. ALLL.

I am hoping that our adventure plans come to fruition. Oh, the adventures!

Oh my.

I was planning to be a little social tonight, but discovered I was tired, and would rather stay home, and relax in my chair, and melt into my bed when I get tired enough to get into it.

I had a good day at work, which I owe in large part to Sid, for keeping me company over a very slow day.

My cat is giving me the eye.

I wanted to meet Sara and Vinny at the Music Box for Army of Darkness, but no such thing happened. Hopefully though, that will allow me to read John's book tonight.

Now though, it is time for mac and cheese, and cleaning up the messes I have made, and reading, and cross word puzzle, and sleep.


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