Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dear Emma,

Your prom fantasy, specifically, the end of your prom fantasy, made me swoon. She goes alone, but in the end, Duckie is there, and he is wearing a blue suit, and he tells her that he is now, and will forever be, a Duckman, and he is wearing those killer white shoes that he wore the entire movie. I watched a documentary about it and they said the could only find those phenomenal shoes in a size too big and a size too small for him.

Those are great shoes.

I am glad you are going to prom, because if nothing else, the food should be pretty great, and besides the food and the bad music, and the more-than-likely godawful dresses, you, I'm sure, will look magnificent. You don't give yourself enough credit. I have seen the things you have made, and you're great. That being said, please take at least one picture.

I hope to see you at Too Much Light afterwards, you and perhaps some gang in your prom best.

You're almost out, you're almost a real person in the eyes of society.


(this is where the letter to Emma concludes)

That being said, I feel like many people I know are facing turning points. Or maybe just three. Emma is graduating from High School, and going away to college, I am leaving behind my teens, for the official and way older sounding 20's, and a girl I met recently is graduating from college. Oh, the beginnings of endings are upon us, and there is no turning back. I have been so excited to turn twenty, if anything, just for John's sake, like, truly, I feel bad for having a teen at the end of my age; I just feel like it makes me sound so much younger. But TWENTY. That is a good, solid age, and has the fewest letters spelled out since TWELVE.

I love words. I love words and letters, and tattoos and writing, and fish.

I went to the Aquarium, and then a motherfuck of a walk yesterday, with a girl, a pretty cool girl. I am making a list of adventures. I will post it when I am done. Perhaps I will even start a blog about our adventures. Chicago will be ours this summer.

Like Alex G gave this city to me, I will pass it on, or something really cheeseball and corny like that, because she's a hell of a girl.

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emma said...

thanks, corey.
you're a doll.
a doll with tatoos.