Monday, July 14, 2008

P P P Panic

I do not like this at all. I do not like that I am finding it difficult if not downright impossible to be distracted. I have never dealt with this before. I have a one track mind, and while your mind has limitless tracks it appears I am not on a single one of them. It appears.

I am probably wrong. But effort (albeit meager) on my part has gone unreturned. It is really frustrating that I take these things so personally. You are probably busy. But fuck. This is not a good feeling.

The one distraction that is proving to work is this Mike character. He is funny. I am excited for our Cultural hipster evening. I hope we get along. I also hope he is not a mutant or a woman.

Art has been an enormous distraction. Beautiful. I am loving this thing I am making. Also, I am thinking about being an artist's model, and diving hardcore into the art world for a while.

Sara and I were talking about be going to Milwaukee, and I am really, truly, strongly considering it. Or maybe San Francisco with Aidan. I am not feeling this city, I need a vacation, away from my family, and from the things I don't like. I want to defiantly do it when you come back, but I doubtfully will. I am not petty.

Anyhow, I sorted my bookmarks today, and feel like sharing some of my favorite bits...

I really like this one. It is just so blatant and beautiful. I find myself feeling that way a lot of the time. Or I did a lot in high school and that junk. I also completely and entirely adore how colorful it is. The large lettering and then the cursive. Beaut!

This is probably from a movie or some such, and I adore it, absolutely adore it. I love the way the wings look, I love the back ground and setting. It drives me wild. I remember almost not bookmarking it, but thinking one day I will probably like it a lot more. I am glad I did, because I was right. It reminds of me City of Angels, and Iris. And now I want to listen to that album. So I am going to.

This one of course reminds me of you. It's pretty lame how much it does, actually. Yeah. Fuck.
This one falls into the same catagory. 'Nuff said.

Who can argue with sweet nothings on cement? Not me.


I like this band.

I wanna wake up where you are.

Yikes. I am having serious trouble editing this shit.

So I quit.


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