Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'll Never Know If I Go

Today I was excessively moody. I was hurt when told to go. I was burned. Since then I have been feeling introverted and lonely. I am at least 80% sure you meant really nothing by it. I have been spending a lot of time with you lately. A lot of time. Everyone needs to be alone. You hadn't been alone in your house for a long time. I understand.

But for whatever reason, I just wanted to be gone. I need four dollars. I wanted to blast in front of a bus. That feeling didn't last, and I wouldn't have acted on it.

I am entirely disinterested in other guys. No matter how much I try to be interested. It is almost painful. All I want is you. I am content for this to go without a name, but it should be noted that my mouth is so full of three fat words that it might burst.

Whatever. I am moody.

Do not wear those shoes, and I won't wear that dress.

Do not kiss me.

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