Monday, March 29, 2010

Excerpts from a 13 year old Corey's blogs

So, I have been reading my old blogs a LOT lately, and I was a serious breed of angsty. Enjoy these tidbits of my brain. These are just highlights. The longer one was edited down.

"people are so weird. i have noticed that. i have grown up in a world much differen than that of which i started. i used to live in a small suburb of atlanta in georgia. then i was here. in this big bad city. all by my lonesome. i guess. i don't hate hannah or graham anymore. i have no right to hate anyone. and no one has a right to hate me. i have never done anything that horrible to anyone. what could i have done? i am just a little girl. i haven't done any of my homework. im going to fail all my classes. and get yelled at. and die. my mother will kill me, if my father doesn't get to me first. i am 13. im not smart. i don't kno everything there is to kno in the world. i can't spell. i cut my hair. i like boys. i like girls. liars go to hell. my four year old half sister told me so. i can walk on gravel with my barefeet. i love to ride horses. i feel like im flying. she is my sister's. but i am the on that loves her. the pony. blondie. she is just like rodeo. my red doberman. she was the most beautiful dog in the world. and she would have- she did everything in the world to make sure i was safe. she bit the cabnit lady. i hate that lady. the horrible wench killed my dog. i should bite her and ask if she would have me put down. i have scars. who am i? just a silly little girl. i am telling you my thoughts and hopes and dreams....what are you thinking? "she must be crazy" i am indeed crazy... all of my friend have at one time talked shit about me behind my back. i am a complainer. i am cold. some of my friend once claimed i didn't exist. i am starting to believe them. whatever happend to amadaues jiminy? or the minkeys? i lost them. in my messy room. can you hear me scream? some one i hold dear to me one said "there is no person worth your tears." i believe that. i am in love with julian drew. i crack my knuckles, i bite my fingernails. i questions things to often. i am a liar. i have alwats lived my life thinking i was inferior to those around me. right now. i am the smartest, sweetest, coolest, most beautiful girl in the world. i can't paint my fingernails. i wish i could be held like a little baby.

my name is corey. i am a girl. i like boys. i like girls. do you have a problem with me? i'm sorry. i am too happy with who i am to care. do you love me? didn't think so...."

Important things to note about that are: my dog bit the woman who designing the kitchen in my dad's new house, because she was very protective of me and my sister and the woman was making my sister shriek because she was tickling her, and so my dog was just being protective. Also, amadeus jiminy and the minkeys were creatures that at 13, I claimed to have lived in my hollowed out right shin. As in, amadeus jiminy was a man that lived in my hollowed out right shin, and the minkeys were like little monkeys that lived with him. Julian Drew was the main character of my favorite book.

Background for this next bit: Danny was my boyfriend, Liz was my best friend and she also like-liked Danny, Graham is my friend. This bit is totally golden.

"no danny today. not even a little. he spent the whole day with liz. graham and i are worried. liz thinks im fucking paranoid. yeah well, i kind of have the right to be if u ask me. i bet danny thinks i don't trust him. well, heres a newsflash for the whole wide world, i trust no one."

I love it. the newsflash "for the whole wide world".

Yes. Win.

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