Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nine Inch Nails SUCKS (get over it, you hags): An Open Letter

I could write a 5,000 word essay on much I loathe Trent Reznor. He is an idiot, and a tool.

The music is melodramatic, it's 7th grade, it's 30+ year old women that pick on "little girls", I haven't thought about you idiots in months. Yes, I said idiots, and that's all you'll ever get out of me, you poor, pathetic children. I am washing you dumb cunts out of my hair. I have bigger fish to fry, and a blog to write, and when you come back, week after week, to read what I write, I hope you titter and giggle, and then I hope you consider your situation. You are grown women, who don't know me, and have made your own questionable choices.

I can't fight childishness, cattiness, and name-calling with logic, it just doesn't work.

I think it's funny that someone who is proud of pictures in ass-less stripper costumes questions my fashion sense.

Burn my effigies, eat me, shut up, move on.

I couldn't be more done with you. You are a joke, your blog is a joke. It's been almost 6 years, if your new beau is so great, move on, please.

I'm almost ashamed I stooped to your level. Almost.


dianegeorgejetson said...

I truly hope that you are not counting me in for this general haterade blitzkrieg of anti-feminist literature; I don't qualify, I read your blog in hopes that this stupid war will just stop because the negativity just eats people alive.

Good luck with your life, your weight loss, and your trip overseas.

I really hope, though, that none of what you wrote here was misdirected at me because when I get hurt by sharing information I just stay way far from who I used to consider decent people. I bear no resentments towards you and am actually glad that you are happy in your life.

thealphabet said...

I regrettably must admit that I don't entirely believe your sincerity. You feed Mandy's hatred of me, and I don't know why you feel the need to tell her anything about what I write in my personal blog, when I talk about John.

That, and I find your last comment on my blog, more than a little hateful, uncalled for, and out of context.

When I write that I am taking a vacation to Italy for my birthday, with my boyfriend of almost 2 years, even if it is on my public blog, for you to go and feed her this information, just for her to get all pissy about it and me... I just don't believe you, I'm sorry.

She hasn't met me, she doesn't know anything about me other than my age, so anything else she gets about me, I can only assume she gets from you.

I hold nothing against you, but I do have requests: One is that you stop talking about me to her, and the other is that you and her leave both me, and John alone. I haven't been back to her blog, and I have no intention to return.

We have always been back and forth between good and bad, but I really hope that you're happy with your life, as well.

dianegeorgejetson said...


believe what you want to. it's actually the other way around; Trixie emails me when you write a blog, then I feel obligated to see what she's referring to, and then it makes me sick.

I wish the two of YOU would just knock it off.