Thursday, October 15, 2009

Internal Conflict, y'all

I got a whole lot of shit to do, and while I wish one of those shits to do was to go see Fear again, I cannot. There is so much auxiliary shit do to, that Fear is not even an option.

I got a lot of things going on, and I keep using the word "shit" as a describer, but actually, most of the "shit" I have to do is pretty okay, minus pay my credit card bill and have little to no money for the rest of the month, but I got by in October mostly on tips anyway, after having treated John and Luke to dinner, which I really likely should not have done. In any case...

I am not too proud of the monologue I wrote for class. Not even a little. I think I tried too hard to impress Megan that I just ended up accidentally writing shit. But not like the shit from before, where shit means stuff that is pretty okay, but more like actual feces.

I might just write a new one about how much I hate the movie Jumanji.

That would be way better, I think. Don't you?

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