Thursday, March 17, 2011

Night-time, Imitation of Life, Lee Pace, Heartbreak

I put on my old man pants, some really cute kitten heels, a t-shirt, my mustard yellow cardigan, and my old nasty blue leather jacket.

I rode my bike to the movies. I saw a movie I did not have high hopes for, but was actually pretty good. I cried.

I came home to heaviness.

I resigned to sleep.

I failed.

I decided to look at Lee Pace (because he is pretty, and talented.)

I planned a grand gesture.

I am going to wear my old man pants tomorrow. They're hella comfortable.

My next tattoo will be "imitation of life" but I don't know where.

Tell me.

1 comment:

K. D. said...

may be on back of thumb finger.