Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I told the truth
to everyone.
It was easier than I thought it'd be.

Right now three people sit in the front of my life:

A writer who stays up and helps me fix my bike.
The boy whose cells and magic spells, my kryptonite, my old soul mate.
The laugh that makes the months in between disappear.

But there is still someone I can picture standing the A-field in the sun, that I remember dancing with in a crowded room, and he is good, too.

I decided to be reborn, and well, I am aging quickly, and honesty is my baby steps.

My cat is lovely and precious, honest.

1 comment:

Joseph M. said...

score boards dance but we can't be bothered to pay much attention
the crowd starts out booing and cheers only after blood shed puts thing in perspective
I do nothing for an audience
Time tested that you don't either

I miss that sort of honesty in the people I know and actively love
Love as in sit next to not pin up on a wall or rip out a piece of my heart for
But that crevice is there so you know you can always crawl back in.

Hope you always feel alive
Miss you