Monday, January 17, 2011

Please Please Me (Let's Change The Pace)

When I was a kid, my mom liked to listen to Oldies 104.3 in the car.

The other night I was just listening to the Beatles Anthology, and the opening melody of this song started and I was blasted back to the backseat of my mom's car.

This song, and Day Tripper, were the first Beatles songs I knew, a little kid. My mom was a Beatles fangirl from the beginning, so she made sure to let me know what was what.

I totally miss Oldies 104.3, and Dick Biondi.

...So, I just looked up Dick Biondi (to make sure I spelled his name right) and as it happens, he is credited as the first U.S. Disc Jockey to play the Beatles. It was in Chicago, on WLS 890 AM, in February of 1963.

...The song he played was "Please Please Me."

That just made me very happy. Maybe that's why I remember this song, and his voice; when I don't really think it's one of the Beatles' songs that stayed very popular, it's one I remember hearing on the radio all the time.

Now it's time for bed. <3

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