Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh Fuck The Cunts That Plague My Dreams

After typing out the name of every girl I have ever felt inferior to in regards to the guy who has loved her before he's loved me, or has loved her and never loved me, I realized I might have some kind of psychosis. One that makes me feel like I am forgettable and not worthwhile.

And because of this, instead of ever feeling sorry for myself again, I will think of how to one person, I represent total choas, and another person has 3 pictures by their bed, of their best friend, their favorite teacher, and me. And right now I am loved by a guy who will go out in the cold to bring me Orange Juice and Emergen-C when I am coughing up a lung.

Nyquil gives me dreams that make me wake up feeling sorry for myself. What's that about?

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