Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dear Internets,

I've been elsewhere. I've been escaping shitty social situations and makin' real good of myself, or so I thought. I got called a bully twice in a week, which besides being truly remarkable for the fact that I don't pick on people, is amazing because I got called a bully by two people that disrespected me in one way or another. It's totally fair to say that I may have crossed the bully line with one of those people, but to think I had bullied the other is laughable, which is probably why I laughed.

Having a backbone, and an opinion can really become your downfall in a community of people who thrive on being liked. Some girls learn how to please, and others learn how to use their middle fingers. Perhaps you can guess which path I took?

I've been called a icy, venomous bitch, and I have been called a peach without a pit, sweet and soft all the way through, and I know I can be both. I can be bitter after years of rejection, and I can be distrustful of someone who lies.

I find a lot of my problems with people stem from honesty, in that, I value honesty, and other people do not. I tend to be honest to a fault, while other people lie, and cheat, OR refuse to accept honesty, and would likely prefer the lies.

The annoying cliche that has been pounding throughout me is "You don't know me." I'm sensitive, and the kind of friend that will fight like hell for you; I'm not a good person to have as an enemy, because I toe the line of vicious.

In short, Internets, honesty is the best policy, so I am welcoming the remarkable new things that are coming my way, and I am ineffably glad to be rid of the trash that has dragged me down for over a year.

Also, remember this.

Love, Corey

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