Friday, June 25, 2010

I woke up on my birthday at 7 AM, because my body wasn't going to stay asleep. I dozed until around 8:30 when I had to wake up for work. I planned out everything I was going to wear, and I did my hair and I looked pretty snazzy by work standards.

I walked into work, where, by the way, I was actually excited to be on my birthday, and I saw balloons, and flowers, and an old co-worker who I adore but had moved away. My boss gave me a bag with presents, and I only had to work a shortened shift. One of my regulars gave me a ten dollar tip because I said I was going to an expensive martini bar in Andersonville, and I need to remember to write him a thank you card.

When I got home I realized that I had about an hour and a half before having to go to lunch with Spen and my mom and so I took a bath with the luxurious aromatherapy things my boss got me for my birthday, and watched things on John's netflix.

Lunch with Spen and my mom was pretty good. I got cheese fries. After lunch Spen and I went shopping with my birthday money and I got all kinds of shit.

I was really into writing this earlier, then I took a break, and now I have other things on my mind. So, that's all, for now.

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