Friday, August 8, 2008


Alright guys, this is no time for joking. I got a fucking Macbook. My laptop exploded in a fit of stupidity and not-working, and I told my mom and she said, "Do you want a MacBook?" and I said, "Uh. Yes."

The money came out of my college fund, but this is the most ballin' computer, and the best part is, that I am the one who was responsible for buying it, so I know all the details. It is brand new, not some chump refurbished break-a-thon computer. I am completely smitten with this machine. It is totally what I have needed my whole life. It is what was missing. I thought I needed love, hah, I needed a MacBook. I am still in the figuring it out stage, but this works for me. We will slowly find things out about each other and fall deeper and deeper in love.

The only issue is that all of my music is with God now, so I will have to work at getting it back together. No stress. I have so much more room on my computer, now.

My hair looks and feels so much better.

I am excited!

Good things are afoot!

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