Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'll tell you what it is...

What is it, when your heart feels like its going to beat out of your chest, and your stomach is light and fluttery? That feeling when just an image or series of images, even, are all it takes to make this feeling occur? When the muscles in your arms and legs get weak, and you cannot keep from smiling?


You were there.

You've always (truly always, since the day I first saw you,) been interesting, and intriguing to me.

You are brilliant! I'm sure you know you are. But you are. Really.

Even when you didn't need to, you have always showed me such kindness. In the winter, when I didn't have a scarf and I was cold, you provided me with one, that I still have, and of course waiting around for me to pick up my phone.

Your sense of humor. You are so witty, and charming.

You are really very handsome. Dashing, is the word I use most often.

You're unusual. You make me see other perspectives, and you make me want to do things in new ways. You inspire me.

I really like the dynamic we have in the time we spend together. You make me laugh, you make me think, you make me do those things simultaneously.


It's love.


"I believe in love, no matter how fleeting or tragic. I am 18 and all I want to do is surrender."

Lifetime movies are movies, too... For the most part.

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