Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I really like talking to Michael. I really like that he talks to me, too. I like that I feel like I know things about him that not other people know. It's cool. In any case. It was nice to know that my suspicions of Dave and Jeremy putting their friends from home on a pedestal was correct. I wish I could remember how "great " high school was. but it wasn't. It was awful, and I can thank a lot of people for that. Even people I know and love and hold dear. Talking to Michael today made me thing a lot about that. And about some stupid poem I wrote. About how I was never invited to things, and how I am so easy to forget. I really like though that I have found my niche in Savor, that people remember me, and come to talk to me, and are really sweet to me. Like Potterton, and all the other regulars.

I didn't write about how it felt to open on a weekday, but it was amazing. Awesome. It was so different from any other shift I had ever worked. I liked it so much more than opening on Sunday. It was so much more enjoyable. The people, the quiet. I am sure that it isn't typically like that on a weekday morning, but that quiet morning-ness of it all was breathtaking. I am kind of mad that I went and slept all day. I wish I had stayed, and kept that day and made it mine. I feel like I am robbing myself of days I will wish I had later in my life. Like that myspace blog post from probably last year where I spent all day asleep, in bed, and felt absolutely shitty for wasting it.

As per the usual, I miss Trent. Or really more so that week in that tiny little house. It was so nice and perfect in about as many ways as I could imagine.

I say that I miss a lot.

Maybe I don't

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