Saturday, July 28, 2007

Today, was AWESOME

Best parts of the day:

Steph and I made out like bandits in tips. It was like, 23 bucks a piece. Thats 46 dollars we made in drunken tips. YES.

Passing out samples with the help of David. He should be a salesman. I would definitely buy encyclopedias from him. A through Z.

Watching Star Wars with David, leaning over the back of his chair, and having him flip me over onto his lap.

This: (it's a comment from Jay Dawson on my facebook, about a conversation i was kind of having in Hoagie Hut while trying to say goodnight to Jay:

"so those drunk guys you were talking to. the conversation went like this, from what i heard.

Corey-So you didn't eat all that food
Dark skin guy-no, wait yeah we did
white-i'll take you on a date and buy you everything
corey- what?
dark skin guy- he said he'll take you on a date
white- i'll fuck you in the butt
corey- what?

thanks so much. i really needed that at that point."

yep. All in all, great day. Absolutely fucking amazing.


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