Thursday, October 6, 2011

The In and For and Out and Hurt and Duh and Winona

I have never been this one. I was never the one left. I was the one right.

That is the upsetting heaviness that left me living in a bubble of hate and salt and insults spit through fingertips after way more whiskey than is the appropriate amount of whiskey to drink when you're upset.

My bubble popped.

I have recently been a pretty mediocre person but I am bouncing back. We all go through phases, right?

It's that damn street. Who'd think that I could go out with 3 boys from that damn street and each time I would end up covered in eggs and spit and shit and tears.

I'm on a new street, a few new streets, and I go swimming with my boyfriend through the music he makes and my best friends are better than yours.

My best friends are punk as fuck and honest. My boyfriend is the most punk rock motherfucker I know. He inspires me every day.

I get sad sometimes, because of Stonewall Jackson, and because of John, and from the guilt that comes with knowing you've done the wrong thing when you could have done the right thing, but that is only sometimes. There is too much time to be spent having the best day of your life to spend it wishing you hadn't thrown that stupid pinecone.

Well, may the bridges I've burned light the way.

This is my anthem right now. It's pretty good. Check it out.

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