Friday, August 13, 2010

Unknown - and other things

Tattoos I want:

- Modern Times ending

- a fawn and a lamb

- Maybe some William Blake something or other? I like William Blake.

I have some unknown illness which has been causing me great distress but lately I feel not terrible. Last night I held down a kit-kat and some other food. I haven't been gross all day, but I also haven't consumed much.

I want to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World tonight, and I am putting big money on nothing being able to stop me. I want to go with John but I just may go alone. I like going to the movies alone, but this looks action-packed and funny, and I like to see those kinds of movies with people. Perhaps, though, my new tradition is to see Michael Cera movies alone. I saw Youth in Revolt alone and LOVED it... Maybe I will call Joe...

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