Wednesday, December 23, 2009

while I should be sleeping:

John is gone. He is in DC. I am occupying my time with creativity and money saving. Christmas has so far been almost suspiciously kind. I have received 3 unexpected gifts.

1. A glass bottle of Oberweis milk, from a regular customer at work.

2. $20 in cash from another regular at work, whose name, to be honest, escapes me, but she's really pretty.

3. 2 promotional gift card type thingies to Guitar Center that a customer I had never seen before in my life unloaded on to me, probably because he found me attractive, which works for me in so many ways.

As of late I have been listening to almost exclusively rap and country, which seem to be the 2 genres people like least. "oh, i like everything except rap and country..." I love Taylor Swift.

I feel so bad for succumbing to my ever-so-slightly-can-be psychotic side, sometimes. Being spiteful, and holding grudges, and saying nasty things to someone just to hurt them is not something I like to do. I would never purposely treat people with the disrespect with which I have been treated.

I also shouldn't really say this, but I just think it's something to marvel that there are 30+ year-old women who act like 15 year-old girls, call me names, and tell me that I am a little girl. Plus some of the women I encounter at work just blow my mind. My mother would have screamed her head off at me if I left the kind of mess behind that some of these women do. Older women confuse me.

My boss, who I can sometimes get a little more than frustrated with, is pretty amazing, though. She got anonymously written up in the Sun-Times for her preposterous acts of kindness. I hope I am half as well-liked when I get older. Our shop has a reputation for having incredibly friendly staff, and it's because of her. She remembers people that came in the first week she was open. I do my best, but I just don't quite have the memory she does, and night customers are less regular. Tomorrow I will make even more of an effort, I want to be like her.

Also, I lost 7 lbs! Yay me!

I got my mom some nice Christmas presents. I have been particularly interested in getting things for other people, but have not been making it easy for people who want to get me things. I want movie tickets, and books, and speakers for my record player.

okay, that's enough of that.

Sing it, Taylor.

Also, hi.

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