Monday, August 3, 2009

About my cat:

I could write a whole blog about her right now. So I will.

She got groomed today, and a haircut, to get rid of all of her mattes. She was pretty lumpy, and now she just looks punk as fuck, and she also seems so much happier.

She has been ridiculously playful and loving, and very rambunctious, probably because he badass new haircut has left her with a devil-may-care attitude, I love that I can feel how warm she is.

I remember Sara telling me about finding her rat dead, but the saddest part was how cold it was.

Life is only fleeting warmth, and so I would rather sweat and be close to the body of something alive that I can love, than be comfortable holding something cool, and dead.

She is also very small under her gigantic fur coat. She is small and dainty and velvet warmth. She's my little baby girl. These two months I have to spend not loving John, I will spend loving my kitten extra hard.


After: (note the awesome tail)

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