Wednesday, June 3, 2009

M & S

I just watched Beauty and the Beast for the first time in many many many years, and that, coupled with boyfriend smell (inside of boyfriend shirt), and maybe a bit of new-bike excitement have helped me recover a bit from my concern over the baby birds I might have mindlessly murdered.

I haven't gotten to see them since Monday, but I will see them tomorrow night, John says they've been chirping. We've had two cold nights in a row. Suck.

But I did get a new bike, and I can already tell that her name is Margaret. Sheila was fun and sweet and beautiful, and Margaret is a little more sensible, still beautiful though. Sheila was my beautiful 1970's Kelly Green Schwinn Breeze, and Margaret is probably an early 80's Burgundy Schwinn World Tourist. One of the things I like best about Margaret is that she is world's lighter than Sheila. I picked her up and the difference was AMAZING. Another huge difference between Margaret and Sheila is that M is a three speed and Sheila was a single speed, so that should be... interesting. I don't know how to work gears really. I played around when I rode home from the train tonight, and I think I have some idea. Also, Margaret has handle breaks, where Sheila had back pedal breaking. They are very very different bikes. They have similar handle bars, minus the breaks, and Margaret has thinner, more road bike style tires.

The seat on Margaret is AMAZING. It's like sitting on a pillow, perfect for my awfully long ride to boyfriend's house.

I don't know why I called him that. He has a name.


Why did I just pretend that my cat was my boyfriend and not John?

This was in the wallet I lost. Awful. I love these pictures. He's a handsome fellow, and brilliant.


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