Thursday, October 16, 2008


I am right now, sitting in a chair that I like a lot. It is enormous, and was at one point, white. I am sure of it. But it's been good and sat in, so it's not quite white anymore. But I like this chair a lot. It's warm, and comfortable. And it's in a room where I can listen to Bright Eyes and not feel like I am bothering anyone.

Not everyone likes Bright Eyes, you know.

But I do. Bright Eyes reminds me of Mariko. I miss Mariko. Mariko was the only thing about high school that made me sane.


So yesterday, I am at the Mexican place, getting my nachos, listening to my headphones, and a song comes on. and I lost my appetite entirely. I felt like puking. It was utterly and entirely ridiculous. How a song can have this effect on me, I am not entirely sure. But I really didn't want those nachos anymore. But I was fucked, because I had already paid for them. It was bad news bears. But I just kept listening to this song, and getting sicker and sicker and sicker. I mean, I know why I was sick. My stomach was ablaze with jealousy, and anger.

Songs are powerful things, you know.

I have a feeling that A and B have the same reasons for wanting to remain stagnant.


In any case: There is a chair in John's garage that I am totally in love with. I have thought about it pretty much non-stop-ish since I saw it.

It is a beautiful chair.

I'm hungry.


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