Tuesday, April 3, 2007

revenge, a dish best served

So, last night i go into connor's room and offer him some of the pop i took from the cast party from working at whitney and he has friend's over and they get some too.
They decide to sneak out and Connor is fucking stupid and doesn't bring keys TO GET BACK INTO THE HOUSE.
Flash into 3:45 in the morning, he is calling me to let him in.
Fuck no, i am not going to get out of bed, go downstairs, after that little piece of shit has done nothing for me he expects me to serve him.
Yeah, and let him use me and walk all over me just like mom.
Well, his friend either climbs the building or somehow they get to the roof, and the either lower down a ladder and one of them is fuckin, BANGING on my window, like i care enough at that point to let them in.

What really sucked is that after they woke me up it took me forever to fall back asleep.

But it was sweet to have him have to work his ass off because he was stupid and someone didnt baby him.

oh man.



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